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Card Caddie

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 Sample view of Card Caddie with Window Hook!

                            7 Available colors!


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The Card Caddie is a fantastic way to promote your business! Great for any professional on the move, the Card Caddie allows you to turn your vehicle into a business generator on wheels. Simply attach the durable, weather resistant plastic case using the provided high-bond tape and your company vehicle or trailer is ready to generate more potential business. Realtors – these can easily be attached to your pre-existing signs to guarantee that potential customers can take your information with them!

Just stick them to your Car, Truck, Trailer, Storefront, Real Estate Sign, Building or right on your product!

Use your imagination! These allow you to place your Business Cards virtually anywhere!



  Yellowcarclose.jpg picture by danielrsone       Onyellowcar.jpg picture by danielrsone     RESign.jpg picture by danielrsone

Each Card Caddie comes with the Card Caddie of your color choice, a 3M Very High Bond Weather proof tape strip to attach your Card Caddie almost anywhere you like, a clear Plastic Cover lens to protect your 1 Business Card attached to the exterior of the Card Caddie, and one “Business Cards Here   Please take one ” sticker to place wherever you think is appropriate!